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FIN Architecture, who we are, our projects vary from design-build residential construction to restaurant and commercial design with a focus on offering clean and clear design solutions.
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who we are

Our projects vary from ground up hillside residential and restaurant design to tenant improvements with a focus on providing clean and clear design solutions to our clients. In addition to new construction, our specialties also extend to include additions to and renovations of existing residences, commercial tenant improvements, and design-build projects.

Sketches for a house

We are aware of the structural and building code complexities of building in the hillside areas of Los Angeles. Being cognizant of the advantages that building in the hillside can bring to a design as well as the necessity for smart, simple design solutions to keep a hillside project’s costs in check.
One of our strengths is the design-build process. Our clients are able to capitalize on our experience of having not only designed, but also having built projects.
A home, a temporary office space, work spaces; the design-build process has provided us with insight and an understanding of what is like to be on the other side of the building process as both as a contractor and an owner.

Site study sketch

2009 LEED Accreditation from the Green Building Certificate Institute (GBCI) validates many of the design strategies we have embraced and have long integrated into the design of our commercial and residential projects.